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The Library is an entity first encountered during chapter 8, Shipping off to Southden. It is a massive expanse of bookshelves spanning as far as the ear can see in all directions.

It does not seem to exist in reality as we know it, as it had to construct an approximation of reality in order to talk to Jane.

The current entrance to the library is located within a building enclosed within one of Southden's many domes.

The library is the reason we now possess Geoangular Control.

Library was able to speak through Lovers in a way that Jane's human mind understood, though her red could not. It was able to change the past to arrange how Fuse learned of it, though this was not through time travel.

Librarians Edit

The Librarians are the guardians of the Library. They do not seem to possess fully physical forms, though Caius was able to interfere with one by grappling it. They are good at protecting the Library, but bad at communication. Dr Finch was unsuccessful in negotiating with a Librarian after disturbing a book while climbing the shelves.