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The City

  • Dr. Finch's house (currently compromised)
  • Jane's house (currently compromised)
  • Jane's car
  • Dr. Finch's car (currently potentially compromised)
  • Purple Hummer


  • All property within the city
  • Motorcycle with sidecar


  • Apartment, acquired with help from the Deck

Unknown Location

  • Storage unit

Character Inventories Edit


  • Set of customized bone armor with helmet (1 each)
  • "Blooding" Gun (ammunition: regenerating flechettes/Jane's Blood)
  • Laser-eye impant (uncomfortably damp)
  • Cat Magazine
  • Fire Extinguisher


  • Set of damaged bone armor with helmet (1 each)
  • Modified E1M2 minigun  (1)
  • "Ghost gun"
  • Handgun ammunition
  • Alien Cell Phone



  • Robot Leg Prosthetic (1)
  • USB thumb drive
  • Handgun


  • Set of magic bone armor with helmet (1 each)
  • Bone shield (1)
  • Wicked cool t-shirt (1)

Site Inventories

Bunker A

  • Geoangular Control
  • A few blood-stained pages detailing magic rituals
  • Jane/Fuse's computer
  • Assorted ritual materials
  • Alien Computer
  • Large quantity of explosive, armor piercing, and tracer handgun rounds
  • Concussive flash and incendiary shotgun shells
  • Food, clothes, etc.

Bunker B

  • Cryogenic storage tubes containing the remains of Lasker (7)
  • Assorted robotic parts

Bunker C

  • *Knock* *Knock* *Knock*
  • Nope.

Bunker D

  • Antiquated Computer
  • Containment tube containing Edison
  • Air filter masks (3)
  • Antiquated bio-printer (1)
  • Functioning space suit (3)
  • Non-functioning space suits (unknown quantity)
  • Gun which destroys the target's soul in exchange for the wielder's life (1)
  • Metal box (unopenable; contents unknown, deemed dangerous by Tradesmen)

Bunker E

  • Containment tube (empty)
  • Tesla's toys, tent, etc.

Bunker X

  • Tradesmen statue

Undisclosed Storage Unit Edit

  • Crate containing Bunker B exit
  • Small reddish container that produces one future money per day
  • Crate containing a cube of slime
  • Small crate containing wooden stakes, salt, a cross necklace, a vial of water(?), and rotten garlic
  • Small crate containing a blue cactus(?)
  • Long crate containing photographs of Bigfoot, cast footprints, and blurry fur



  • Willard
  • Inky
  • Blinky
  • Pinky
  • Clyde (Deceased)
  • Pac-Rat


  • currently unnamed grey cat
  • currently unnamed calico cat
  • currently unnamed black cat


  • Edgar
  • Alan
  • Poe


  • Caesar

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